NGNPNext-Generation Nuclear Plant
NGNPNon-Geographic Number Portability
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The House provided $50 million for NGNP, to allow DOE
high-temperature gas technology in the NGNP program and the light water
106) Idaho National Laboratory, NGNP Project 2011 Status and Path
Jeopardize NGNP," Nucleonics Week, April 28, 2011, p.
Contrary to both predictions, genotype 1 was well distributed among samples taken from the SGNP neighborhood and the NGNP neighborhood as far north as Many Glacier.
However, the remaining three animals (four isolates) were spread among SGNP, NGNP, and WWLNP, and relatedness was uncorrelated with geographic location.
Together with telemetry data that show only limited movement across the Waterton Valley, this points to the existence of a fourth, previously unidentified neighborhood that is distinct from the rest of NGNP, and which we denote as East WLNP (EWLNP, Fig.
Phase I research on the NGNP was to continue until 2011, when a
the House Appropriations Committee report noted that NGNP had been one
mention NGNP, but it called for DOE to select two advanced reactor
FY2015 for NGNP development and construction (Title VI, Subtitle C).
authorization requires that NGNP be based on research conducted by the