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Though the Kingdom's tourism industry is attractive due to the temples in its hands, tourism operators have to pay more attention to jointly promote the sector to attract more tourists to the country, said Ngov, adding that the quality of hospitality services is also a critical part of the sector.
Ngov said the natural and eco-community tourist sites are also good attractions for international tourists after they visit the Angkor area.
See, e.g., Eang Ngov, Judicial Nullication of Juries: Use of Acquitted Conduct at Sentencing, 76 TENN.
A variavel NGov apresenta correlacao positiva com as variaveis Indep e NMembros, indicando que as empresas com niveis diferenciados de governanca possuem maiores conselhos e com maior proporcao de membros externos a organizacao.
TABLE 1 Regression results (OLS) Dependent variable: Index of complexity = number of the tax rates * number of allowances, deductions, and tax credits Variable Coefficient P-value Constant -96.93 0.3122 (93.36) COMPR(-1) ** -16.38 0.0065 (5.54) GINI x LEFT ** 355.3 0.0036 (106.8) FRAG ** 20.36 0.007 (34.33) ELE(-1) 63.66 0.5601 (21) NGOV 37.84 0.1753 (1.4) [R.sup.2]=0.63; Adj- R2=0.53; S.E.=73 F= 6.4; N.obs.
Ngov Nary, vocal protester and representative of 11 families who were offered compensation, said she had accepted $16,000 yesterday.
Ngov Nary, a representative of 11 families, said she had learned from the municipality on Tuesday that the family of resident Ouk Somaly, whom she had represented, had quietly accepted compensation, but she did not know how much.
Back in Borei Keila, meanwhile, community representative Ngov Nary said the municipality had called holdouts into their office yesterday morning after word got out that they planned to protest.
Fellow Borei Keila resident Ngov Nary was angry that authorities had threatened them to move to the relocation site, she said.
Villager Ngov Nary said the remaining families had split into two groups: one to protest in front of Phanimex owner Suy Sophan's house every day, and the other to protect their building should authorities come to tear it down.
Ngov Nary, 56, said there were about 30 families left who refused to accept the relocation deal that would see them resettle in Andong village, in Prek Pnov's Kouk Roka commune on the northwestern outskirts of the city.