NGPCNebraska Game and Parks Commission
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NGPCNational Guaranty Purchase Center
NGPCNotice of General Permit Coverage (various locations)
NGPCNational Gambling Policy Council (South Africa)
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(14) Traducao livre: "Decidido (2014.05.14.NG03), o NGPC aceita a orientacao do GAC identificada como Registro de Orientacao GAC de 2013-07-18-Obj-Amazon, e direciona o Presidente e CEO, ou seu designado, que o pedido para .AMAZON (numero do pedido 1-1315-58086) e os IDNs relacionados em japones (numero do pedido 1-1318-83995) e chines (numero do pedido 1-1318-5581) apresentado por Amazon EU S.a r.l.
Dr Al Naqbi added that the Haad would coordinate with the NGPC to organise more activities for children.
This lake is owned and managed by the NGPC as part of the Mormon Island State Recreation Area.
The sources consulted included newspapers, popular journals, books, primary literature, and communication with employees of the Kansas Department of Wildlife and Parks (KDWP), Nebraska Game and Parks Commission (NGPC), North Dakota Game and Fish Department (NDGFD), and South Dakota Game, Fish, and Parks (SDGFP).
Today, most agencies seek to keep prairie dogs off the endangered species list, and often this goal appears to be more important than species conservation (e.g., see BLM 2000; EDAW 2000; NGPC 2001).
Kinder Morgan's subsidiary, Natural Gas Pipeline Company (NGPC), has federal regulatory approval to construct a 70-mile, 36-inch diameter pipeline from Joliet to McHenry County, IL.
NGPC, a wholly owned subsidiary of Kinder Morgan Inc., is still negotiating row and various approvals to extend its pipeline system into metropolitan St.
APPENDIX Variable Definitions TRF Annualized aggregate tariff rates TRFPC Precommitment (PC) announced tariffs TRF1 One-period lag of tariff ICTRF1 Ivory Coast lagged tariff KNTRF1 Kenya lagged tariff MLTRF1 Mali lagged tariff MWTRF1 Malawi lagged tariff NGTRF1 Nigeria lagged tariff SNTRF1 Senegal lagged tariff TZTRF1 Tanzania lagged tariff ICPC Ivory Coast PC tariff KNPC Kenya PC tariff MLPC Mali PC tariff MWPC Malawi PC tariff NGPC Nigeria PC tariff SNPC Senegal PC tariff TZPC Tanzania PC tariff CAC Ratio of current account deficit to GDP CFA Dummy variable = 1 if country belongs to CFA zone, 0 otherwise
David Proctor of CSIRO Thermal & Fluids Engineering is the scientist behind New Generation Pulse Combustion (NGPC).
Contract notice: "supply of laboratory equipment for the implementation of the national monitoring programs for residue control by the clchee" (nmpco, Ngpc, Pcfc)
Catfish monitoring by the Nebraska Game and Parks Commission (NGPC) began in 1974 (Hesse, 1982).
"Resolved (2014.05.14.NG03), the NGPC accepts the GAC advice identified in the GAC Register of Advice as 2013-07-18-Obj-Amazon, and directs the President and CEO, or his designee, that the applications for .AMAZON (application number 1-1315-58086) and related IDNs in Japanese (application number 1-1318-83995) and Chinese (application number 1-1318-5581) filed by Amazon EU S.a r.l.