NGTHNext Generation Tech Hlds (stock; Next Generation Technology, Inc; Dallas, TX)
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Second (and, for all practical purposes, at the same time as the first share sale and purchase between EFI as seller and FTI as buyer), NGTH acquired all the shares in Kvantel pursuant to a share purchase agreement between FTI as seller and NGTH as buyer.
The agreement was signed on 16 September 2015 and NGTH, as the purchaser, also signed a term sheet with FTI and Energy Future Invest AS (FTI) as the sellers.
This tough, thermally stable aromatic polymer with very attractive properties as an advanced high quality engineering thermoplastic is produced under the trade name "Victrex." PEEK is used in a wide variety of applications (61) demanding high dielectric strength (wire and cable coating and wrapping), high wear and abrasion resistance (motor vehicle bearings), high mechanical stre ngth and elasticity (tennis racquet strings), transportation of hot and aggressive liquids (special tubing and catheters).
To their colonial overlords Inkas' participation might demonstrate native subjugation, the defeat of the pagan--but it might also be viewed as a manifestation of stre ngth and pride, a threat, "duplicitous resistance" (50).
Meanwhile, some unions eagerly seek out members wherever they can find them, ignoring Sweeney's argument that each union should build membership stre ngth (and therefore bargaining power) in its core industries.
Thus, the model predicts that small increases in mantle le ngth during low-amplitude mantle movements (e.g., slow jetting or respiration) in newly hatched S.
Kudlich had apparently taken a peek before lighting the match: Assing's documents, he noted, as if intending to taunt future biographers, "constituted a treasure in themselves and bore the signatures of eminent men and women and I was reluctant to permit these precious documents to disappear in smoke." Just one fragmentary letter from Douglass to Assing survives, while Douglass's papers contain a mere twenty-eight letters from Assing (edited recently, under the title Radical Passion, by Christoph Lohmann)--nothing when measured against the le ngth of their involvement.
The total uptake rate of ammonium on days 0 and 41 in Walker Branch (22-23 [mu]g N.[m.sup.-2].[min.sup.-1]) was nearly three times greater than the ammonium uptake rate in the Kuparuk River (8.4 [mu]g N.[m.sup.-2].[min.sup.-1], computed from the values for average [NH.sub.4]-N concentration, discharge, stream width, and [NH.sub.4] uptake le ngth given by Peterson et al.
If Mr Clarke would study the first three routes proposed for Midland Metro, he would notice that they link together many of the main centres of the West Midlands conurbation - some long cut off from the rail system - while sharing very little of their le ngth with other traffic.
in the Suprem have options The Gord was half a le Babylon in th who had by S on Elliott-trained Surin ngth behind Gardens Of hird, with Tiger Tap Tap, d been beaten just a neck Sir Erec in a Grade 2 over he Christmas period, a hade disappointing in fourth.
After silt removal, water passes to a 6.0 M circular shaped restricted orific e type surge shaft through a Head Race Tunnel of le ngth 9.38 KM.
Norwegian telecommunications company NextGenTel Holding ASA (OSE: NGT) and Future Telecom Invest AS signed an agreement whereby NGTH will acquire 100% of the shares in Kvantel AS from FTI, the company said.