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A 2013 report on interpreter (and translator) tariff development commissioned by NGTV also concludes that the interpreter rates fixed in the Decision concerning Tariffs in Criminal Cases are below the average rates in economically comparable professions and only slightly higher than the average rates in healthcare interpreting (Baarsma & Prins, 2013, p.
NGTV (Nederlands Genootschap voor Tolken en Vertalers) [the Netherlands Association of Interpreters and Translators].
He further added, "The goal of Interlink's plan is to increase gross revenues of NGTV from the present level.
Severino Rivano, Vice President of Interlink Global, and President of NGTV, "We are currently converting the entire network from TDM to IP.
NGTV presently has over 500 corporate clients in Venezuela for the different products and services it offers and many national and international carriers established in Venezuela currently use NGTV's transmission services for its high reliability and competitive prices.
This agreement to purchase needed capacity and traffic from Global Crossing will enable Telecommunicaciones NGTV, S.
Severino Rivano, Vice President of Interlink Global, who was responsible for the securing of this important agreement, stated, "This new relationship for Interlink represents a huge business opportunity, putting into play the full resources of NGTV and expanding our operations in this desirable area of Latin America.
Furthermore, one of our initial plans with our recently acquired NGTV subsidiary was to immediately increase the utilization of the infrastructure that it has in place, and in the past has been substantially underutilized.
The acquisition of NGTV places Interlink in the forefront of major telephone service providers in South America, and positions it to become one of the largest VoIP telecom and data services provider in the region.
The substantial amounts of telephone traffic currently being generated by Interlink in Ecuador, Colombia, and also in Venezuela, will now be routed through the NGTV existing infrastructure, as opposed to Interlink's US infrastructure, to maximize efficiency and to enhance revenue, as well as, profitability.
The company, based in Caracas, Venezuela, has 43 employees nationally, most of whom will remain with NGTV after the acquisition.
NGTV has presently over 500 corporate clients in Venezuela for the different products and services it offers.