NGVFANational Gulf Veterans and Families Association
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The Hull-based NGVFA says 9,700 British veterans have suffered from a cocktail of Gulf War-related health problems, typically including chronic headaches, cognitive difficulties, depression, unexplained fatigue, rashes and breathing problems.
Ministry of Defence (MoD) cutbacks will result in an increase in the number of rejected claims for war disablement pensions, the National Gulf Veterans and Families Association (NGVFA) fears.
The couple have turned to the National Gulf War Veterans and Families Association (NGVFA) for help.
Shaun Rusling, chairman of the NGVFA, said the verdict was 'justice'.
NGVFA trustee Shaun Rusling said the Gulf veterans had been treated in an "absolutely despicable manner."
NGVFA treasurer Jim Moore said: 'The MoD have lost the medical argument and now the legal argument: Gulf War Syndrome does exist.'
The National Gulf War Veterans and Families Association (NGVFA) said it had received notification yesterday that the MoD had failed in its bid.
This week Royal Engineers reservist Stephen became the first soldier involved in the Iraq war to contact the NGVFA's helpline.
The NGVFA said the tribunal's verdict added to its call for a full public inquiry into Gulf War illnesses.
Shaun Rusling, vice-chairman of the National Gulf Veterans' and Families' Association (NGVFA), accused the Mo D of ``dereliction of duty and gross crass negligence'' for not disseminating information, or testing troops for depleted uranium.