NGWANational Ground Water Association
NGWANational Goalie War Association (soccer; Shrewsbury, PA)
NGWANorthern Governorates Water Administration (Jordan)
NGWANorth Georgia Wrestling Association
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Ngwa will soon be visiting Jamaica to further advance these discussions as Jamaica's unique microclimatic conditions place us in an enviable position globally,' Shaw told the Jamaica Information Service (JIS).
"We were quite surprised that the drug could inhibit the growth of cancer cells in other parts of the body, representing metastasis, that were not targeted by the treatment," Ngwa said.
(7.) Ngwa CJ, Glockner V, Abdelmohsen UR, Scheuermayer M, Fischer R, Hentschel U, et al.
From the native perspective, this prototype figure speaks 6 dialects of Igbo language: Owere, Ngwa, Mbaise, Anambra, Etche and Umuahia.
La fitorremediacion es una tecnologia que utiliza plantas para degradar, extraer, acumular y estabilizar contaminantes organicos e inorganicos del suelo (Lum, Ngwa, Chikoye, & Suh, 2014).
Using the standard incidence as in the model of Ngwa and Shu [4], we define, respectively, the infection incidence from mosquitoes to humans, [k.sub.h](t), and from humans to mosquitoes, [k.sub.m](t):
Kapa ri umwe wavo ngwa ri notjina tji ma tjiwa kutja me hungire ovikwaye.
Acacia karroo leaves contain high levels of CP and minerals (Tables 1 and 2) (Halimani, 2002; Ngwa et al., 2002).
"Carrier aggregation allows operators to achieve the wider channel bandwidths and higher data rates needed to offer true 4G services," said Ngwa Shusina, product manager at Aeroflex, at the time of the introduction.