NHEANative Hawaiian Education Association (est. 1998; Honolulu, HI)
NHEANative Hawaiian Education Act
NHEANepal Health Economics Association (est. 1998)
NHEANelson House Education Authority (Canada)
NHEANational Hispanic Employee Association (Pleasant Hill, CA)
NHEANational Hispanic Education Alliance (Washington, DC)
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Beginning in 2009, official data show the two lowest annual growth rates of health expenditures--hovering near 4 percent--in the 50-plus-year history of the NHEA.
In this paper, we compare NHEA and MEPS while focusing on 2007 in order to make use of detailed establishment estimates from the U.
Indeed, the NHEA report concluded that, while overall health care costs continue to grow at a rate higher than national economic growth, the growth in drug spending is slowing (only 1.
To estimate market shares, our first-line source was the NHEA, followed by MEPS.
In the NHEA, health spending is broken into 10 personal health care categories (hospital, physician and clinical services, and so forth) as well as categories for the net cost of private health insurance, government administration, research, and investment (table 1).
The CMS NHEA data released each year receives substantial publicity within health care and to the broader public.
Private sources used for the NHEA include the American Hospital Association Annual Survey, National Association of Blue Cross and Blue Shield Plans, and IMS Health Inc.
In April 2005, CMS held a fourth conference to discuss possible improvements and extensions to current NHEA activities.
First, by including moveable medical equipment and software in the definition of capital goods, the NHEA provides a more accurate picture of the total investment required to deliver health care services in the U.