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NHLINational Hispana Leadership Institute
NHLINational Heart and Lung Institute (Imperial College School of Medicine)
NHLINew Hampshire League of Investigators
NHLINew Hampshire Learning Interchange
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Este indice es lo contrario para los NHLI, ya que para este grupo el flujo migratorio esta constituido mayoritariamente por mujeres: algo mas de 98 hombres por cada 100 mujeres.
"This is the first demonstration that this important form of remodelling of heart muscle cells induced by heart failure is reversible," said Michael Ibrahim, also from the NHLI at Imperial, who conducted the research for his PhD funded by the British Heart Foundation.
EPD: Environmental Protection Department FGD: Flue Gas Desulfurization GDP: Gross Domestic Product MRC: Medical Research Council NHLI: National Heart and Lung Institute RHS: Respiratory Heath Survey RSP: Respirable Suspended Particulates TSP: Total Suspended Particulates S[O.sub.2]: Sulfur Dioxide WHO: World Health Organization
"This study clearly demonstrates that low levels of vitamin D are associated with poorer lung function, increased use of medication, worse symptoms and an increase in the mass of airway smooth muscle in children with STRA," said Atul Gupta, MRCPCH, M.D., a researcher from Royal Brompton Hospital and the National Heart and Lung Institute (NHLI) at Imperial College and King's College London.
Each year, the NHLI empowers Latinas through its conferences and leadership programs.