NHMNNew Hampshire Mammography Network (Lebanon, NH)
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One technologist recounted her experience with the change in routine brought about by the NHMN project.
Some participants welcomed the change brought about by the NHMN project.
A supporting theme brought out in the discussions concerned the importance of "buy in" to the NHMN project by the mammography staff.
NHMN staff regularly visiting mammography facilities We also learned that when NHMN staff had done a thorough job of educating facility staff about the project and identifying an advocate at the facility, the data collection process was more readily incorporated into daily practice.
This model has direct application to the NHMN project because it promotes the "idea of change" in a positive manner.
Applying Geertsma et al's model to the original NHMN implementation project, there would be advocacy for an informational seminar for mammography staff as a critical first step in preparing the staff for change.
This step is multifaceted because it supports and reinforces compliance on many levels.[10] In the NHMN project, reinforcement would consist of regular site visits with all key staff to report on project progress, share pertinent site-specific information and provide continuing education or technical support to improve and maintain the data collection process.
Incorporation of the TTM into the implementation of the NHMN collection process would allow for varied responses or reactions from 1 individual to another.
From the focus group sessions, it was apparent that adoption of the project or "buy in" by the staff was more likely when there were designated individuals who facilitated this activity at both the participating facilities and the NHMN Project.
When mammography site staff played an integral role in the NHMN project development, their cooperation increased and was sustained over time.
Focus groups were an efficient method of eliciting information about attitudes and perceptions of mammographers participating in the NHMN project.
We believe the information obtained through these focus groups represents the experiences of those working with the NHMN data collection system.