NHPPNon-Homogeneous Poisson Process
NHPPNational Health Physics Program (US VA; Washington, DC)
NHPPNational Hormone Pituitary Program
NHPPNational Historic Preservation Program (Advisory Council of Historic Preservation)
NHPPNormal Human Pooled Plasma
NHPPNursing Hours per Patient
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The 2014 review of the NHPP kept tobacco control as a priority, encouraging educational, legislative, economic, environmental, cultural and social measures (38).
Repair assumptions and rejuvenation factor q Type of GRP Repair assumption Rejuvenation factor q ORP As-Good-As-New 0 NHPP Same-As-Old 1 GRP(l) Better-Than-Old-Worse-Than-New (0,1) GRP (2) Worse-Than-Old (l,[infinity])
In the classical Goel-Okumoto SRGM, the independent variable, that is, time "f," is replaced with log-power testing effort function "W(t)" by applying the time transformation as applicable to NHPP models [20].
18.Pham H., Software Reliability, NHPP Springer-Verlag Singapore Pte.Ltd., 2000.
Siebert's findings were based on the assumption that the auditory nerve (AN) response behaves as a NHPP, and the brain acts as an unbiased optimal estimator of the physical parameters.
Despite an ongoing active surveillance program that identified [approximately equal to]3,500 of [approximately equal to]4,500 post-1977 cadaveric hGH recipients in the US NHPP, all 29 CJD infections in NHPP recipients occurred among the estimated [approximately equal to]2,700 pre-1977 recipients (1,2).
Plasma IGF-1 was measured by double antibody RIA utilizing NHPP anti-human- IGF-1 (AFP4892898), standard hIGF-1 (Amersham, lot # 30), and labeled [sup.125]I-IGF-1 (Amersham, code IM172).
Okumoto and Goel (1979; 1980) have investigated the optimum software release problem by using a SRGM based upon nonhomogeneous Poisson process (NHPP).
The blood samples collected from animals in the acute or the chronic experiments were centrifuged (3000g, 10 min) and the serum used for measurement of luteinizing hormone (LH) by a specific radioimmunoassay supplied by the NHPP (Dr.
(17) TO date, there have been 16 deaths from CJD among approximately 8,000 hGH recipients in the United States for whom the National Hormone and Pituitary Program (NHPP) provided growth hormone.
Under previous basic assumptions, the number of repairs to mileage x, {M(x), x [greater than or equal to] 0} is a non-homogeneous Poisson process(NHPP) with mean value function H(x).
When two more hormone recipients died of CJD, the National Institutes of Health (NIH) stopped its growth hormone distribution through the National Hormone and Pituitary Program (NHPP), and the Food and Drug Administration (FDA) pressured the two commercial distributors into halting sales.