NHPPDNursing Hours per Patient Day
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The impact of nursing hours per pa lie ill day (NHPPD) staffing method on patient outcomes: A retrospective analysis of patient and staffing data.
Clause 53 (Staffing Arrangements) of the Public Health System Nurses' and Midwives' (State) Award 2017 states that "only nurses providing direct clinical care are included in the NHPPD. This does not include positions such as Nursing Unit Managers, Nurse Managers, Clinical Nurse Educators, Clinical Nurse Consultants, dedicated administrativ support staff, and wardpersons.
The NHpPD staffing method lacks the flexibility to reflect staff movements and the nursing hours worked between areas of care, and various patient types within one ward.
For example, summary nursing care hours and costs can be allocated to each patient rather than use of NHPPD to examine changes by day of stay, within and across diagnosis-related groups, or used to unbundle nursing care from daily room charges to provide a more transparent and fair billing model for nursing care.
the 5.0 NHPPD is the minimum number of hours possible in NHPPD wards and that there may be occasions where patient need will require additional staffing".
Nurse managers work with the unit-based expert panels to determine whether or not current NHPPD are adequate to support nursing care and desired outcomes using:
"On units such as general wards that use a varied skill mix, we increasingly see AiNs being counted in the NHPPD numbers.
Where an absence is to be filled to maintain the required NHPPD, the default position requires that it be fully backfilled and not partially backfilled (for example an absence that creates an 8.5-hour vacancy should, as a default, be filled with an 8.5-hour replacement).
The data showed that the Hunter New England Local Health District repeatedly failed to staff wards and units according to the minimum six NHPPD as set out in the Public Health System Award.
One of the most recent studies investigated the impact of a new model for calculating nursing hours per patient day (NHPPD) on nursing-sensitive indicators.
"Importantly, Hunter New England LHD shall inform (managers) that the five nursing hours per patient day (NHPPD) is the minimum number of hours possible in NHPPD wards and that there may be occasions where patient need will require additional staffing.
With the exception of the financial indicator for nursing hours per patient day (NHPPD), all data reported in this article were drawn from quality reports generated at the unit level, not from ah electronic source.