NHPRNew Hampshire Public Radio
NHPRNonprofit Housing Production and Repair (Kentucky Housing Corporation)
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Local host: Cypriniformes: Cyprinidae: Rutilus lacustris (Linnaeus, 1758) (NHPR).
(99) On the other hand, with a regulatory framework such as NHPR, the United States could preempt most health risks by approving the product prior to consumption by over one hundred million Americans.
NHPR's research took months, but the team broke numerous
"Very powerful," says NHPR senior editor Jon Greenberg, who spearheaded both projects.
Since then, the state board also has issued a condemnation of the post, but apparently if s hands are tied, says Drew Cline, who told NHPR that while the board is "deeply disappointed" in the TS post, it doesn't have the authority in the matter - and that the members are putting their faith in FE to take the appropriate action.
* So what was the reason that Molly Kelly couldn't spare 45 or so minutes to share the same NHPR studio with Steve Marchand to discuss their Dem guv race?
* Didja hear Andy Sanborn on NHPR th'uther day, claiming that the kerfuffle over his self-described "crass language" in the presence of a State House intern was 'lake news." Even though the AG has issued a report saying that the incident actually occurred--and the intern was given a part-time job and 200 bucks?
Levi Sanders, heir apparent to the Bernie Sanders legacy, was on NHPR th'other day to tell all those people in the 1st C.D.
* It sure was enlightening to see all those House members, who either refused or failed to sign that sexual harassment policy notification, come pouring in with their pens in hand after being outed by NHPR.
The GOP state rep from Salem, in an NHPR interview, claims students "who claim a dorm room as a domicile" can vote in NH, but "active-duty Navy personnel ...
In fact NE issued a sort-of apology for the screw-up, telling NHPR: 'The deficit is due to estimates that were made in the course of the budget process that turned out to be inaccurate.
Another New Hampshire treasure is NH Public Radio, a fact brought home later when I had an opportunity to have dinner with a number of board and staff members and major donors to NHPR in Portsmouth.