NHPTNew Haven Preservation Trust (New Haven, CT; est. 1961)
NHPTNew Horizons Physical Therapy (Hamilton, MT)
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There was a statistically significant interaction between the effects of groups and measurements on NHPT, F (2, 66) = 14.07, P<0.01.
Mathiowetz, Weber, Kashman, and Volland (1985) found a moderate correlation between the Purdue Pegboard Test and the NHPT.
The mean duration for the NHPT was 34.50 (33.81[+ or -]12.60) seconds for the right hand and 41.00 (43.30[+ or -]12.84) seconds for the left hand, but the difference was not statistically significant (p=0.053).
The NHPT and total MSFC scores of the experimental group and the T25FT and MSFC scores of the control group changed significantly.
A mean increase of 6 blocks (range: 4-10 blocks) and a mean reduction of 24.8 s (16-31 s) were observed on the BBT and NHPT, respectively, between pre- and post- intervention (Figure 1).
2001, Huesh & Hsieh 2002, Poole & Whitney 1988, Carr et al 1985), the Nine-Hole Peg Test (NHPT) (Heller et al.
Results of the bending and NHPT tests were subjected to an analysis of variance (ANOVA) appropriate for a balanced multi-level design.
Although the NHPT has good clinical validity for use by OTs in some settings, the PPT has been found to require more fine motor precision and to be more sensitive for detecting functional impairment in young and middle-aged subjects (Amirjani, Ashworth, Olson, Morhart, & Chan, 2011; Mathiowetz, Rogers, Dowe-Keval, Donahoe, & Rennells, 1986).
Tanimlayici istatistikler surekli degiskenler icin (yas, semptom suresi, BSCO, sabit ve hareketli iki nokta ayrimi, kavrama kuvveti, lateral, palmar ve parmak ucu kavrama kuvvetleri, FDO ve KF-36 alt olcekleri) ortalama [+ or -] standart sapma veya ortanca (minimum-maksimum) biciminde, nominal degiskenler icin (cinsiyet, dominant ve etkilenen el, semptomlar, semptomlarin gorulme zamani ve artiran-azaltan faktorler, yuzeyel dokunma, agri, isi duyulari, tenar atrofi, Tinel ve Phalen testleri ile NHPT) ise gozlem sayisi ve (%) seklinde gosterildi.
In the past 5 years, a number of UL function tests have been examined for their psychometric and clinimetric properties in people with stroke, including the Fugl-Meyer Assessment (FMA) [6-8], Wolf Motor Function Test (WMFT) [6,9-11], Box and Block Test (BBT) [7,12-14], Nine-Hole Peg Test (NHPT) [12,15-17], Action Research Arm Test (ARAT) [6-8,11,16-18], and Stroke Impact Scale (SIS) [16,19-20].