NHRINational Human Rights Institutions
NHRINational Hydrology Research Institute
NHRINational Hurricane Research Initiative
NHRINatural Health Research Institute (est. 2002; Tulsa, OK)
NHRINebraska Human Resources Institute
NHRINational Health Research Institution (Taiwan)
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Article 9 of Law 62 of 2016, the law that established the body, states that "no criminal action may be brought against a member of the NHRI ...
Within its limitations, the commission tried to abide by the Paris Principles, adopted by the UN General Assembly for the NHRIs in 1994.
The NHRI delegates visited the country for a three-day meeting that started on June 18 to meet their CHR counterparts where measures were discussed to further instill and promote human rights.
Figel hailed the role played by NHRI to highlight the level of civilisational achievements and human rights gains achieved in Bahrain.
A high level of HbA1c increases inflammation in the body, leading to the degeneration of muscle function and a lack of physical strength, said NHRI assistant investigator and attending physician Wu I-chien at a press conference in Taipei Friday.
Mr Magosi said objectives of this symposium had been achieved and they included, among other things, to build awareness within government and civil society of the mandate, structure and functions of a Paris-Principle complaint NHRI and the benefits of compliance with such overarching principles.
These variables likely affect women's rights outcomes as well, so this study includes them and a number of additional time-varying covariates in the weighting model: the degree of women's political empowerment in each country; (78) a country's level of democracy; (79) the existence of an NHRI; and ratification of CEDAW's Optional Protocol.
The second data source is a file on health facilities' basic characteristics, also from NHRI, that provides information on each facility's ownership, accreditation status, and geographical region.
GANHRI, formerly known as the International Coordinating Committee of National Human Rights Institutions, is a global network of national human rights institutions (NHRIs) - administrative bodies set up to promote, protect and monitor human rights in a given country.
The Myanmar National Human Rights Commission (MNHRC) is the entity tasked with carrying out NHRI activities in Myanmar.
Urbanization level was defined according to the NHRI report.
This study used the “Longitudinal Health Insurance Database (LHID)” released by the Taiwan National Health Research Institute (NHRI) in 2011 and covering the years between 1996 and 2010.