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NHRPNext Hop Resolution Protocol
NHRPNext Hop Routing Protocol
NHRPNational Hispanic Recognition Program
NHRPNorthwoods Hospice Respite Partners (Ely, MN)
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NHRP was founded in 1983 by the College Board, a nonprofit that advocates for expanded access to higher education and administers college-level exams such as the SAT.
Students recognized by NHRP are more likely to live in cities and attend large high schools with significantly more low-income and Hispanic students, compared to white students with similarly strong PSAT/NMSQT scores.
"For hundreds and hundreds of years there has been a legal wall that separates all nonhuman animals from human beings," Wise told me over the phone from Coral Springs, Florida, where the NhRP is headquartered.
The team at the NhRP built on Wise's research, putting in another 30,000 hours of work, gathering evidence of animal sentience, affidavits from scientists, and, most critically, deciding to take their petitions to state courts, rather than federal ones.
NhRP's first step was filing writs of habeas corpus--petitions that ask a judge to end someone's unjust detention--on behalf of Tommy and the three other privately owned chimps in New York.
Judges have denied NhRP's initial petitions, but the group plans to appeal as it prepares lawsuits in other states.
NhRP founder Steven Wise stated that before the lawsuits were issued, he would "be asking judges to recognise, for the first time, that these cognitively complex, autonomous beings have the basic legal right to not be imprisoned."
Another Navy photo reconnaissance unit, Heavy Photographic Squadron (VAP) 62, based in Jacksonville, also supported NHRP research.
For example, when the source terminal (ES1) tries to send data to the destination terminal (ES2) in another LIS, the source terminal (ES1) sends an NHRP request packet to the neighbor NHS (NHS1) to resolve the ATM address for the destination terminal (ES2).