NHSANational Head Start Association
NHSANational Human Services Assembly (Washington, DC)
NHSANational Homeland Security Agency
NHSANational Heart Savers Association
NHSANational High School Alliance (various organizations)
NHSANational Haitian Student Alliance
NHSANational Hellenic Student Association
NHSANeighborhood Housing Service of America
NHSANational Healthcare Staffing Association
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The NHSA is an alliance of the top eight universities, NHS teaching trusts and four Academic Health Science Networks in the North.
The NHSA is an alliance of the top eight North research universities, their associated NHS teaching trusts and four North academic health science networks.
The Coast Guard, Border Patrol, and Customs Service, among other entities, would also have been transferred to the newly formed NHSA.
Everyone supports the goal of higher degrees for Head Start teachers, but it is a cruel trick on Head Start teachers to create a mandate for higher educational achievement and then not provide the money to achieve it," says NHSA President Sarah Greene.
NHSA would be built upon the Federal Emergency Management Agency, with the three organizations currently on the front line of border security -- the Coast Guard, the Customs Service, and the Border Patrol -- transferred to it.
The NHSA would assume responsibility for overseeing the protection of the nation's critical infrastructure, including information technology.
When the NHSA assumed responsibility for the lines in February 1998, it inherited an antique and failing system from the municipalities in which rain water and sewage flowed through the same pipes.
In total, the NHSA has received nearly 900 reports of ignition fires in some of the 23 million cars having the switch.
As part of the announcement, Government committed to the next phase of the sector deal which will be an opportunity to further identify and develop regional approaches to the implementation of the Life Sciences Industrial Strategy, identifying a partnership with the NHSA, along with local and global industry to support the growth of the North's life science and health innovation economy.
Katz and NHSA are leading an effort to re-frame the discussion regarding social services on a national level.
The NHSA is an association of independently incorporated clubs working together to promote &foster snowmobiling as a sport and recreation for its members.