NHSLSNational Health and Social Life Survey
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Network data collection and its relevance for the analysis of STDs: The CHSLS and the NHSLS. In: Morris M, ed.
All types of FSD were significantly correlated with low feelings of physical and emotional satisfaction and low general happiness in women participating in the NHSLS. (11) It is important to note that a causal relationship between FSD and emotional and psychological issues has not been established, since these may precede the development of FSD.
In the NHSLS, only 20% of women reporting a sexual complaint had sought medical assistance for their problem.
Therefore, where possible, our sample's data will be compared to the two major studies mentioned earlier, the NHSLS and the NCHRBS.
Americans in the NHSLS survey attended religious services more frequently than international college students.
ld While the NHSLS found smaller numbers of "bisexuals" than gays and lesbians, it also found that the percentage of men who had only or mostly same gender attraction (3.1%) was virtually identical to the percentage of men who had some attraction to men as well as women (3.2%).
Laumann, Michael, and Gagnon (1994) have recounted the political pressures on the NHSLS from conservative Republicans in Congress and ultimately the cancellation by the Bush administration of government support, despite strong protest in the National Institutes of Health.
And while Kinsey had set out to abolish the whole concept of "normal"--or moral--sexuality, the NHSLS authors strove explicitly to preserve moral norms by warning that, "Of course, a survey cannot tell us what is normal, only what is frequent."
The data for this analysis was drawn from a national probability sample of 3,432 adults, the National Health and Social Life Survey (NHSLS).
The items pertaining to the occurrence of sexual dysfunctions in the CCS are quite similar to those used by Lauman, Gagnon, Michael, & Michaels (1994) in the National Health and Social Life Survey (NHSLS), a study of the sexual practices of a nationally representative sample of adult Americans.(*) A comparison of the findings of the two studies may thus be helpful in detecting possible differences in the prevalence of female sexual dysfunction between Canada and the United States.
To conduct their research on circumcision, Laumann and colleagues used data from the National Health and Social Life Survey (NHSLS), one of the largest comprehensive surveys of Americans' sexual behaviour and attitudes ever conducted.