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NHSNNational Healthcare Safety Network
NHSNNational Hispanic Sales Network (Downers Grove, IL)
NHSNNashua High School North (Nashua, New Hampshire)
NHSNNorthern Health Services Network (Canada)
NHSNNatural History Society of Nepal
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"Our findings suggest that current NHSN definitions may not sufficiently account for increased CLABSI risk at institutions that perform high-intensity care," the authors write.
Importantly, the CDSS is able to report institution specific antimicrobial usage to the NHSN, which allows for benchmarking with nationally aggregated data.
Surgical site infection identification date was defined as 1) NHSN event date; 2) date of clinical diagnosis as determined by chart review, if NHSN event date unavailable; or 3) specimen collection date, if information for the first 2 criteria was unavailable.
OSHA Occupational Safety and Health Administration (US Dept of Labor) CDC Centers for Disease Control and Prevention (US Dept of Health and Human Services) NIOSH National Institute for Occupational Safety and Health (CDC) NHSN National Healthcare Safety Network (CDC) HICPAC Healthcare Infection Control Practices Advisory Committee (CDC) The key player in keeping you safe is your employer.
Additionally, National Healthcare Safety Network (NHSN) benchmarks for nascent CAUTI and catheter utilization rates are markedly higher than those for more standard inpatient units (El-Saed, Balkhy, & Weber, 2013; Neelakanta et al., 2015; Underwood, 2015).
These data are higher than those reported for NHSN surveillance, but similar to rates reported by Wojkowska-Mach et al.
Recognizing the recent transition of criteria in NHSN surveillance, we reviewed VAE studies in addition to VAP ones, though only considering VAP in VAE criteria.
The presence and type of HAI event were assessed using the NHSN 2016 definitions and criteria: [1] 'a localized or systemic infective condition in a patient admitted for at least 48 hours (with no evidence that the infection was incubating or present during the time of admission) or a patient who presents with acute infection following a previous health facility admission within the last 30 days'.
In a study by National Health Safety Networks (NHSN), the data were collected from 461 catheter-related BSIs showed that 19.7% were by S.
They also facilitate state and federal regulatory reporting requirements, including HAI reporting and antimicrobial use (AU) and antimicrobial resistance (AR) data submission to the National Healthcare Safety Network (NHSN).