NHSPSNational Health Service Pension Scheme (UK)
NHSPSNational Health and Safety Performance Standards
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"The conclusions of the report make clear that the cause of the fire and subsequent damage cannot be attributed to one single event occurring at Weybridge Hospital but is the result of a combination of several factors that came together," a spokesman for NHSPS said.
"NHSPS has put an action plan in place for further fire safety measures across our estate, working alongside our tenants and stakeholders.
Let X be any set and let [(([X.sub.j], [A.sub.j])).sub.j [member of] J] be any family of NHSps indexed by a class J, where [MATHEMATICAL EXPRESSION NOT REPRODUCIBLE IN ASCII].
(2) Let [(([X.sub.j], [A.sub.j])).sub.j [member of] J] be any family of NHSps and let X = [[PI].sub.j [member of] J] [X.sub.j].
This was performed in order to evaluate the influence of a newborn hearing screening programme (NHSP) on the age of diagnosis of CHL.
To the best of our knowledge, this is the first SA study that has demonstrated a significant reduction in the age of diagnosis of CHL following implementation of an NHSP. The data (Table 3) showed a statistically significant difference in the age of diagnosis of DHI in children who underwent hearing screening at birth compared with children who did not.
Because of an objection from NHSPS, which is the freeholder of the land, a public inquiry was held and although the inspector advised there was not enough "sufficient cohesion to form a neighbourhood", SCC planning and regulatory committee still passed the application for the land to be registered as a village green.