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(1) Based on an analysis of crash data between 2005 and 2007, the NHSTA calculated around 94% of accidents on the road today are caused by some form of human error--driving too fast for road conditions, inattention, or driving under the influence of alcohol or other drugs, to name a few.
daytime convention used by the NHSTA when classifying accidents in the FARS data.
Developed for the Cadillac STS, the foam-filled bumper assembly reportedly complies with European Commission pedestrian safety legislation and crash compatibility and also meets relevant NHSTA and IIHS crash-test ratings.
The same National Highway Traffic Safety Administration (NHSTA) study that lauded the safety record of school buses concluded that lap belts had "little, if any, benefit in reducing serious-to-fatal injuries in severe frontal crashes." In those circumstances, the study found, the lap/shoulder belts could even increase the risk of serious neck injuries and, among young passengers, abdominal injuries.
Good NHSTA crash test results for frontal collisions (passenger and driver).
The National Highway Safety Transportation Administration (NHSTA) has unveiled plans to institute new fuel efficiency standards for vehicles weighing 3,856-4,536 kgs.
This awareness and direct blame toward NHSTA constituted the primary narrative.
The National Highway and Safety Administration (NHSTA) has said automakers must install smart airbags on 35 percent of their '04 models.
Although Firestone disagrees with the findings of NHSTA, the company wished to move away from the defective tire issue and avoid lengthy court proceedings.
Field validation of taillights - Report on phase I: Pilot testing (Prepared for NHSTA, U.S.
The 402 program, which is administered by the National Highway, Traffic Safety Administration (NHSTA), provides funds to states to implement highway safety programs in seven priority areas: Impaired driving, occupant protection, police traffic services (e.g.