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NHTSANational Highway Traffic Safety Administration (US Department of Transportation)
NHTSANational Highway Traffic Safety Administration
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In early January 1981, at the end of the Carter administration, NHTSA issued a notice of proposed rulemaking specifying performance requirements for underride guards on most trucks and trailers with a gross vehicle weight rating above 10,000 pounds.
Consumer Reports and the NHTSA want all consumers to know that they fully advocate the use of infant carseats and do not want the now-confusing results of the CR study to dissuade parents from using infant carseats.
The NHTSA confirmed that Connecticut, the District of Columbia, New Jersey and New York are the only areas to have banned the use of hand-held devices while driving.
As NHTSA noted in a 1996 report to Congress, "Helmets cannot protect the rider from most types of injuries." Based on accident data from seven states, NHTSA estimated that motorists involved in crashes who wore seat belts were 20 percent less likely to be injured and 60 percent less likely to be killed than motorists who didn't.
"The changes proposed by NHTSA will offer marginal, if any, actual fuel savings," said ACEEE executive director Steven Nadel.
The manufacturers balked at such a suggestion and in October 2004, more than a decade later, the NHTSA determined that rather than specify a particular time frame, manufacturers would be allowed to submit a schedule of when they will inform dealers and distributors of safety defects to the agency.
According to AP, NHTSA said it has received 33 reports of such vehicles' engines shutting off, primarily at speeds of 35 miles per hour (mph) and 65 mph.
Among the many NHTSA efforts are those against drug-impaired driving, and driving while intoxicated.
Fed up with Tesla's non compliance with its requests, NHTSA sent a cease-and-desist letter dated October 17, 2018 to Tesla CEO Elon Musk, saying it "is impossible to say based on the frontal crash results or overall vehicle scores whether the Model 3 is safer than other 5-Star rated vehicles."
"If it's a subpoena, it's known to get quicker attention from the manufacturer generally, and it's not a routine matter," said Allan Kam, an independent auto-safety consultant who retired as a senior enforcement attorney at NHTSA in 2000.