NHVRNational Heavy Vehicle Regulator (Australia)
NHVRNew Hampshire Vocational Rehabilitation (New Hampshire Department of Education)
NHVRNew Hope Valley Railroad (North Carolina)
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Most heavy agricultural equipment, such as harvesters, tractors and seeders, are moved on local government-controlled roads and the NHVR is working with local councils and road managers to finalise the Notice, Mr McCormack said.
The NHVR self-employment program offers a step-by-step, methodical approach to guide individuals with disabilities through a process of identifying a valid business idea, testing the market and launching their own venture.
According to the 2001 NHVR, 9.7 deaths per 100,000 New Hampshire residents were attributable to chronic liver disease.
In addition, employers are beginning to understand that NHVR can help them gain a critical business advantage by connecting them with a qualified and largely untapped New Hampshire labor force.
"At the NHVR we want to enable businesses in sectors like agriculture to spend less on administrative costs related to the movement of freight and vehicles and more time making profit.
Transport and Infrastructure Minister Darren Chester told today's National Road Transport Association conference in Cairns that the NHVR's Setting the Agenda document would link three key strategies to continue the reform of the heavy vehicle industry.
The NHVR has co-designed the Notice following detailed consultation with the state and local governments, Mr Chester said.
NHVR Chair Bruce Baird said the additional funding for the National Heavy Vehicle Regulator will deliver further safety initiatives across the supply chain, in addition to the regulator's existing safety program.
Today the Government is also announcing that funds from the RSRS will be redirected to the NHVR as a result of the abolition of this system.
The Heavy Vehicle Roadworthiness Review is an integrated program being delivered by NTC and NHVR in response to concerns following a fatal fuel tanker crash in New South Wales in October last year.
Agreement on the policy settings and the legislative approach to EWDs is an important step towards the development of an approvals process and EWD implementation by the NHVR.
The Board of the National Heavy Vehicle Regulator (NHVR) declares concerning the naming of Mr Sal Petroccitto as Chief Executive.