NHXNa+/H+ Antiporter (biochemistry)
NHXNighthawks (gaming)
NHXNew Horizon Express (trade service)
NHXNew Hampshire Extended (programming)
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Pardo, "How do vacuolar NHX exchangers function in plant salt tolerance?" Plant Signaling and Behavior, vol.
In addition, it has been reported that the activity of the plasma membrane (PM) [Na.sup.+]/[H.sup.+] antiporters can be induced by NaCl, and many related researches on transporters such as SOS1 and NHXs have also acquired similar conclusions [53-63].
littoralis were designed using Oligo 7 software according to the highly conserved amino acid sequence of diverse genes (NHX, [SOS.sub.1], PM-ATPase, VHA-c) obtained from GenBank.
In comparison with control, the mRNA level of NHX was 2.9 and 3.6 fold higher in 200 mM and 400 mM stressed plants respectively (Fig.
In addition the mRNA level of NHX was about 3.5 fold higher in salt treated plants indicated that [Na.sup.+] sequestration in vacuoles play a critical role in establishing salt tolerance.
In 1977, Aiphone developed the NHX Nurse Center for healthcare facilities because the company saw a need for it.
The Aiphone NHX Nurse Center, a staff alert and communication system, provides call tones and light signals to indicate levels of urgency, plus the convenience of voice communication.
A B + XOH (1) R - NCO + XOH [CO.sub.2] + R - NHX (2)
cereviseae Rice Na+/H+ Arabidopsis Arabidopsis antiporter (SOS1) Na+/H+ Salicornia Rice antiporter (SOD2) brachiata Na+/H+ Arabidopsis Buckwheat antiporter (NHX) mtID E.
Hansel is in a new factory that is being used to manufacture machine tools, such as the new lineup of NHX horizontal machining centers, that Mori Seiki officially opened on November 7.
Almost two decades of extensive molecular studies have clearly established the involvement of NHX, SOS1, and HKT transporters in plant salt tolerance.