NHZNominal Hazard Zone (IEC Standard - Lasers)
NHZNeue Havanna Zeitung (German)
NHZBrunswick Naval Base Airfield (airport code)
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ANSI standards state that every entrance to the NHZ should be marked with appropriate signage.
The proBNP assay used in this study measures both intact proBNP and NHZ terminal fragments derived from this precursor, whereas the BNP assay measures only BNP-32 and not proBNP.
Another typical example concerns variants of the NHZ terminus of the protein, which may lead to retention of the initiator methionine and to possible N-terminal acetylation.
To generate antibodies to ITIH4, a peptide corresponding to the discovered biomarker for ovarian cancer derived from ITIH4 was chemically synthesized with addition of cysteine at the NHZ terminus (SynPep, Dublin CA).
Moreover, only a few sequence-specific assays have been developed for the various regions within the proBNP molecule, apart from the NHZ and COOH termini.
The NHZ termini of peptides were acetylated on the resin with 150 g/L acetic anhydride in dimethyl formamide.
Exposure to ischemic myocardium modifies circulating albumin at its NHZ terminus by different mechanisms, and this modification is the basis of IMA measurement by the albumin cobalt binding (ACB) test (3).
1] Nonstandard abbreviations: CNH, cardiac natrimetic hormone; BNP, brain (or B-type) natriuretic peptide, COOH-terminal fragment of proBNP; NT-proBNP, NHZ terminal fragment of proBNP; HF, heart failure; ECG, electrocardiography; ANP, atrial natriuretic peptide, COOH-terminal fragment of proANP; ACE, angiotensin-converting hormone; NT-proANP, [NH.
As a practical matter, these new findings indicate that even second-generation PTH IRMAs with specificity for the extreme NHZ terminus of PTH may significantly overestimate circulating concentrations of the major form of intact PTH in precisely those situations in which such measurements may be most critical and, further, that non-(1-84) PTH may be considerably underestimated if one simply subtracts CA-PTH values from measured T-PTH immunoreactivity (at least in the IRMAs used by these investigators).