NHZNominal Hazard Zone (IEC Standard - Lasers)
NHZNeue Havanna Zeitung (German)
NHZBrunswick Naval Base Airfield (airport code)
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Police said they are trying to track a silver Vauxhall Corsa with the registration plate NHZ 6376.
The complementary tag oligonucleotides were covalently coupled to CodeLink [TM] Activated Slides (Amersham Biosciences) by the mediation of an NHZ group at their 3' end.
All missense mutations are clustered in the homeodomain, whereas nonsense and frameshift mutations are mostly on the NHZ terminus of the protein (2,11).
The possibility that PSTI forms with differentially cleaved NHZ termini occur in different body fluids can not be ruled out, but because earlier methods purified PSTI from pancreatic juice by trypsin affinity chromatography, it is possible that the first 5 amino acids were cleaved by trypsin at the specific trypsin cleavage site after the fifth amino acid.
ProBNP was measured with a processing-independent assay in which trypsin digestion of the plasma proteins is used to release the N[H.sub.2]-terminal fragment of proBNP and its derived peptides before measurement by an RIA with antibodies directed against the NHZ terminus of proBNP (22).
Glutathione ([gamma]-L-glutamyl-L-cysteinylglycine) is a tripeptide with an irregular NHZ terminus caused by the orientation of its glutamine residue.
The loss of the NHz terminus of A[beta] can have important implications for the progression of plaque morphology or interaction with binding proteins (apolipoprotein E, complement component C1q, heparin, proteoglycans) and [Zn.sup.2+] ions present and is implicated in plaque formation (27).
Recent evidence indicates that, by acting as an intramolecular ligand for the receptor, an intact NHZ terminus is required for receptor activity (33).