NI2Network Interconnect Two
NI2Net Indexer 2
NI2New International Dictionary, 2nd Edition
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In addition to this, the four blocks of 4 mm length each (B2, B3, B4 and B5) were also processed from NI2, NI3, NI4 and NI5.
Participants NI2 and NI4, despite having responded by exclusion, did not show learning of any of the stimuli pairs after the maximum number of repetitions of phase 3 (20 exposures) and therefore did not go on to do the naming tests.
-Sapindaceae O I O O O O O Scrophulariaceae O I O O O O O O Not Identified Type 1 (ni1) I O O I O O O Not Identified Type 2 (ni2) O O O O O O O O O Not Identified Type 3 (ni3) I O O O O O O O Not Identified Type 4 (ni4) O O O O O (1: Aracatuba; 2.
The design was also identical with two exceptions: Control group NI2 was dropped from the study as no differences between the two control groups used by Leon et al.
In the case of Cu and Zn, the 3 highest metal treatments were all above the current New Zealand guidelines for soils amended with biosolids (New Zealand Water and Wastes Association 2003), and for Ni, the Ni2 and Ni4 treatments were also above the guidelines (Table 2).
Safety programs like Incident 8 Injury Free, NI2, and Zero Harm emphasize that each per son on a construction site is accountable for the team's safety.
Similarly, for the cartesian velocity junction vx2, the LM2 element defines the law of linear momentum, p2 = rri2 [V.sub.x2], where p2 is the linear momentum in the x direction of the second link and ni2 is the mass of the second link.
We examined two components of the popular AltaVista Web indexing service: mhttpd and Ni2.(3)
Cunningham, "In the Company of ni2 'self' and 'fear(someness),"' in Analyzing Literary Sumerian: Corpus-Based Appraches, ed.
Properties of soils from trial plots, following biosolids amendment (1998) Cu, Ni, and Zn concentrations were determined by X-ray fluorescence Plot Treatment Carbon Cu Ni Zn (mg/kg) Control No biosolids 23.3 4 14 49 Unspiked Biosolids 23.9 15 15 73 Cu1 Spiked biosolids 27.1 69 15 84 Cu2 Spiked biosolids 31.2 87 20 81 Cu3 Spiked biosolids 28.3 117 17 80 Cu4 Spiked biosolids 28.8 181 l7 75 Ni1 Spiked biosolids 26.1 17 26 70 Ni2 Spiked biosolids 29.4 20 38 80 Ni3 Spiked biosolids 25.3 22 47 69 Ni4 Spiked biosolids 27.3 20 58 69 Zn1 Spiked biosolids 26.9 15 15 140 Zn2 Spiked biosolids 29.1 29 14 224 Zn3 Spiked biosolids 28.4 21 16 294 Zn4 Spiked biosolids 25.0 16 14 296 Baseline (A) 23.8 (A) Carbon content was mean value for 14 plots before biosolids amendment.
Thus, there were 40 observations for each experimental moment (PI1, PR1, PI2, PR2, NI1, NI2, NR2), one for each of the 40 participants.