NI3New International Dictionary, 3rd Edition
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In addition to this, the four blocks of 4 mm length each (B2, B3, B4 and B5) were also processed from NI2, NI3, NI4 and NI5.
Slide Plan: Thus all the 11 blocks were processed from femoral nerve for 151 slides and 4 blocks (B2, B3, B4 and B5) from NI2, NI3, NI4 and NI5 for 59 slides to be correlated and interpreted by tracking fascicular pathways in femoral nerve and nerves to iliacus.
Ni3 has been awarded PS4.3 million from the UK government's Global Challenges Research Fund.
The Ni3 project, as it is named, is derived from a finding that one in three women and girls experience violence in their lives.
The only participant with autism without EI that demonstrated positive results in the learning probes (NI3) correctly named all the visual stimuli.
Only one of them (NI3) showed learning of the relations, although it should be noted that this participant learned the four relations after only two exclusion trials.
-Sapindaceae O I O O O O O Scrophulariaceae O I O O O O O O Not Identified Type 1 (ni1) I O O I O O O Not Identified Type 2 (ni2) O O O O O O O O O Not Identified Type 3 (ni3) I O O O O O O O Not Identified Type 4 (ni4) O O O O O (1: Aracatuba; 2.
For Ni and Zn, the samples taken from the Ni4 and Zn plots actually had lower total metal concentrations than the Ni3 and Ni 4 plots (Table 2).
11C has four, and NI3 adds at least toothbrush mustache.) We also get 62 Eskimo words for snow (p.
The five lines transpose into LUDI, TOLE, ROAD, ATIC, and CURE, all NI3 main entries.
The words can be any bold-face, main entry of one, two or three letters in your dictionary of choice (we use NI3).
However, Qing does not appear as an entry in Merriam-Webster's Tenth New Collegiate (10C), Merriam-Webster's Third New International (NI3), or the Oxford English Dictionary, Second Edition (OED).