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NIACNational Iranian American Council (Washington, DC)
NIACNon-International Armed Conflict
NIACNASA Institute for Advanced Concepts
NIACNational Infrastructure Advisory Council
NIACNonprofits' Insurance Alliance of California
NIACNet Income Available for Common Stock (finance)
NIACNational Infrastructure Advisory Committee
NIACNational Internet Advisory Committee
NIACNaval Innovation Advisory Council (US Navy)
NIACNational Infertility Awareness Campaign
NIACNuclear Industry Assessment Committee
NIACNarita International Airport Corporation (Japan)
NIACNuclear Insurance Association of Canada (Ontario, Canada)
NIACNational Industry Advisory Committee
NIACNipmuc Indian Association of Connecticut
NIACNational Interagency Aviation Council (National Fire and Aviation Executive Board)
NIACNational Information & Analysis Center
NIACNaval Intelligence Automation Center
NIACNo I Am Chuck (blog)
NIACNavigation Interface and Autopilot Computer
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The New India Assurance Company (NIAC) handed over the cheques to the Indian Community Relief Fund (ICRF) in a ceremony at the Indian Embassy, Adliya.
NIAC is in talks with the finance ministry in an attempt to deal with its ballooning debt of 60 billion dinars.
The Study's authors began their study of customary IHL at the behest of the participants of the 26th International Conference of the Red Cross and Red Crescent in order to identify and facilitate the application of existing rules of customary IHL in IAC and NIAC. (10) As such, the Study's authors claimed that the end product does not create new rules of international humanitarian law but rather, "seeks to provide the most accurate snapshot of existing rules of international humanitarian law." (11) In an article summarizing the Study, one of its two authors, Jean-Marie Henckaerts, said that its purpose was "to overcome some of the problems related to the application of international humanitarian treaty law." (12)
The NIAC is composed of up to 30 appointees, many of whom are senior-level executives representing major sectors of the economy--energy, banking and finance, transportation, information technology and manufacturing.
ISS has been involved with the NIAC from its origins in the Marsh Commission, which concluded the first investigation into critical infrastructure protection in 1997.
While the Bush administration will inherit Clinton's appointees, he is in no way bound by those choices, as the NIAC was created by a presidential directive whose charter expires in July 2001.
The disagreement has become a publicity bonanza for the never-press-shy Dubbeljoint and a PR headache for the waffling NIAC.
NIAC, a nonprofit insurance risk pool, is a member of the Nonprofits Insurance Alliance.
The latest NIAC selections include Phase I and Phase II awards.
The National Iranian American Council (NIAC) said, "We are disappointed that Nike has boycotted Fan's World Cup players by refusing to provide shoes." But the team never sought shoes from Nike or its main competitors, Puma and Adidas.
The Welsh-medium school in Cathays, which has more than 200 pupils, is holding its sports day at the National Indoor Athletics Centre (NIAC) in Cyncoed.