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NIALNational Institute of Arts and Letters
NIALNational Information Assurance Leadership (System Administration, Audit, Network, and Security Institute; Bethesda, MD)
NIALNorthshore Independent Athletic League (Covington, LA)
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NIAL Group says it believes 2015 passengers numbers will remain static, though it would continue to work closely with its airline partners to stimulate growth in the future.
Pos de niquel e aluminio foram misturados com a composicao Ni50Al50 (% atomica), que corresponde a estequiometria do composto intermetalico NiAl.
It was weird--I saw her at a different bar the next weekend and she thought I was him, and she was like, "Hey Nial, why won't you even say hi to me?
3]-base CP composition of the following additional components was used: nickel for improvement of the coating plasticity; NiAl for increasing high-temperature strength; NiCrBSi and TiC for increasing wear resistance at temperature 600 [degrees]C; [Cr.
3] film with and without NiAl buffer layer after 600[degrees]C test are given in Figure 4.
Bay skipper Paul Jenkins bagged 6-56 off 16 overs as Nial Guinness (57) and Indian pro Keiran Powar (57no) powered up the runs, Chris Rowley taking 2-26.
Not only did Century have the remarkable opportunity to make someone a millionaire, but, thanks to Nial and other ticket buyers like him, we also raised a lot of money for our More Than Shelter programs.
Pc Nigel Dunn, Pc Nial Kelma and Sergeant James Leslie also received commendations after they confronted a sword-wielding man at Birmingham's Star City.
Naval gun crews generally shoot on a live-fire range once a year, so they tend to loose their proficiency, explained Jack Nial, an engineer at the Naval Surface Warfare Center.
big striker Nial Quinn is out for SIX weeks and is fighting to save his seasonafter more problems with an old knee injury.
Re-envisioning the paradigm of conquest, hybridity marks here a strategic reconciling of the subject-object dialectic explored throughout the book: through it, the colo nial object can be "exhaustively explained from its own standpoint as subject," thereby casting "a critical light on the European imperialist project" (221).