NIAONorthern Ireland Audit Office
NIAONumber of Injured Abdominal Organs (war injury assessment)
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Comptroller and auditor general and head of the NIAO John Dowdall expressed concern that "some spending on hospitality in New York was at an inappropriate level for a public body, particularly in relation to expenditure on alcohol and meals in prestige restaurants".
The report added: "The NIAO considers the BELB did not treat these warnings with the seriousness required and reference to a pricefixing ring merited further analysis.
These will appoint service providers for the provision of financial auditing services, and other work to support and assist the NIAO where appropriate and where required in its external audit functions.
Staff at the NIAO believe the true cost could be millions more.
The NIAO is responsible for the financial audit of Northern Ireland Government Departments, their executive agencies and a wide range of other public bodies, including health and personal social services bodies and local government bodies.
The NIAO wishes to put in place Framework Agreements with Service Providers for the provision of temporary financial audit personnel services to cover short-term business demands.