NIARNational Institute for Aviation Research (Wichita, KS)
NIARNational Institute of Amateur Radio (Hyderabad, India)
NIARNational Institute of Agrobiological Research (Japan)
NIARNetwork Initial Assessment Report (Sprint)
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James Brown, executive director of NIAR and an associate dean of the Indiana University School of Journalism, is writing a book that will discuss using computers for reporting and will feature journalists who regularly use computers in their work.
Our relationship with NIAR is an outstanding opportunity to promote efficient and successful composites engineering in the aviation industry and specifically within the significant aircraft manufacturing community in Wichita.
We are proud to partner with NIAR and provide a collaboration platform that can play an integral part in helping advance aviation design and the development of 3D web applications for the aviation industry.
The NVIDIA RealityServer platform at NIAR will run on NVIDIA GPUs that take advantage of NVIDIA's Cuda[TM] programming language to provide optimum performance.
In regard to NIAR preferred shares, they will be exchanged for LRGI preferred shares for substantially all of the outstanding NIAR preferred shares on a one to one basis.
Parker, CEO of LRGI, stated, "We are continuing to add quality companies like NIAR to LRGI that fit in with our diversification goals and that can contribute positively to our long-term profitability.
NIAR) detailing the acquisition of NIAR in exchange for LRGI convertible preferred stock, subject to standard due diligence and approval by the shareholders of both companies.
LRGI will exchange its preferred shares for substantially all of the outstanding NIAR preferred shares on a one to one basis and will carry the same terms and conditions of the original NIAR preferred shares that will be exchanged.
It is anticipated that the building will be sited on the existing golf course east of the NIAR building and will have a dedicated public parking lot for visitors to the centers.