NIARNational Institute for Aviation Research (Wichita, KS)
NIARNational Institute of Amateur Radio (Hyderabad, India)
NIARNational Institute of Agrobiological Research (Japan)
NIARNetwork Initial Assessment Report (Sprint)
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Results of soil sampling from Ardabil showed that highest to lowest amount of isotope 40 belongs to Niar 1 (984), Karshenasan (877), Niar 2 (857), Kowsar (812), Dash kasan (760), Shoorabil 1 (638) and Shoorabil 2 (634), kebrel per kilogram, respectively.
Diversity has been a great thing to see here in the UAE," first-year student Adel Niar, who is studying economics, said,
The two other RFs are new item with average rating (NIAR) and new user with average rating (NUAR).
Niar, "Fairness and regularity for SCCS processus", RAIRO Inf.
While the PPP workers staged rally under chairmanship of senator Niar Hussain Bukhari that marched from Dhokry Chowk, Rawal Dam Chowk and Faizabad to BB death monument at Liaquat Bagh in Rawalpindi.
FINO is focusing more on increasing the number of cards of its current partners (Niar, 2008).
The National Institute for Aviation Research (NIAR), at the Wichita (Kan.) State University, runs an Aging Aircraft Laboratory that looks very closely at airframe fatigue.
For instance, the singular and plural form of 'seek' are: niar and n-al-iar respectively.
46-54 In: Gamma Field Symposia, No.30, Institute of Radiation Breeding, NIAR, MAFF, Japan.
Under the agreement, Japan's National Institute of Agrobiological Resources (NIAR) will manage related rice genome information as the NIAR is a core institute involved in the international rice genome project, Tamazawa said.
They are: MICAR, where the three businessmen learned the most about computer-assisted journalism; The National Institute for Advanced Reporting (NIAR), based at Indiana University in Indianapolis, and sponsor of two conferences on computer-assisted journalism; The University of North Carolina at Chapel Hill's Program in Precision Journalism; Transactional Records Access Clearinghouse (TRAC) at Syracuse University.