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Tahir Shamsi further stated that for the last twenty years, we have been able to retain our staff at NIBD.
We have started Halo identical BMT at NIBD and so far done twenty eight cases.
The positive samples were from patients with BCB alterations, namely 6 of 20 IBD and 14 of 34 NIBD patients, with no significant differences between the 2 groups (P = 0.
The influence of the apo(a) isoform size on the presence of Lp(a) in CSF was tested in samples from IBD and NIBD patients.
However, the pair-wise comparison of the patient groups yielded significant differences in WBD compared with both IBD and NIBD patients (P <0.
0-10) in NIBD patients, with no substantial differences (P = 0.
To test the hypothesis that the Lp(a) particle may cross the BCB, we studied patients selected according to their neurological characteristics and grouped them on the basis of IBD, NIBD, or WBD.
We found apo(a) by immunodetection in the CSF samples of IBD (30%) and NIBD patients (42%), but not in WBD patients.
Apo(a) was detected in the CSF from both 1131) and NIBD patients.
Mandhro visited the different department of NIBD along with its Director Prof Dr Tahir Shamsi to review the health facilities being provided there.