NIBGENational Institute for Biotechnology and Genetic Engineering (Faisalabad, Pakistan)
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He also briefed the guests about a pilot plant operating at NIBGE for conversion of agriculture waste into methane.
He said the Plant Genomics and Molecular Breeding Labs of NIBGE developed IR 3701, which has a very high ginning outturn (GOT) percentage (43-47 percent) and is substantially higher than the GOT (35-40 percent) of present cultivated varieties.
Cotton Research Institute (CRI), Faisalabad; NIBGE, Faisalabad; All Pakistan Textile Mills Association (APTMA), Lahore and CCRI, Multan.
First course of this series was held in NUST, Islamabad followed by CEMB, Lahore and NIBGE Faisalabad.
Isolation of bacterial strain from soil samples collected from different areas was done in GCUF while RAPD and 16S rRNA analysis was conducted in NIBGE.
department of Chemistry and Biochemistry, University of Agriculture Faisalabad, U-2001 Schimadzu (Japan) FT-IR at Centre for Pharmaceutical Research and Development (CPRD), ITT, Dublin Ireland, ESI-MS-MS system at NIBGE (Nuclear institute of biotechnology and genetic engineering) Faisalabad.
The Guests of Honor of the concluding session were Prof Dr Mounir Abouhaidar from University of Toronto, Canada, Prof Dr Judith K Brown, University of Arizona, USA and Dr Rob Briddon from NIBGE while Director IAGS Prof Dr Muhammad Saleem Haider and faculty members were also present on the occasion.
coli isolates (66 from urine and 17 from pus samples) collected in 2005 from different hospitals of Pakistan, characterized and kept in NIBGE stock cultures.
Addressing a symposium on 'Nanotechnology-Current Trends and Future Prospectus in Pakistan' as chief guest at NIBGE here Sunday, he said that textile sector in Faisalabad alone contributed 55% towards the total textile export of the country, while its share in GDP was around 8%.
In Pakistan he served on top positions in various organizations which include as Director General (Agri and Biotechnology Division) Pakistan Atomic Energy Commission, Project Director of National Institute for Genomics and Advanced Biotechnology (NIGAB) PARC Islamabad, Director of National Institute for Biotechnology and Genetic Engineering (NIDBE) Faisalabad as well as visiting Professor of NIBGE and NIGAB.
Characterization of solid aerosols (morphology, type and chemistry) was performed using SEM (Model: JEOL-1010,80kVx1500x2500) available at NIBGE, Faisalabad.