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NIBSNational Institute of Building Sciences
NIBSNippon Institute for Biological Science (Japan)
NIBSNational Institute of Biological Sciences (Beijing, China)
NIBSNorthern Illinois Boat Show (Grayslake, IL)
NIBSNational Integrated Bankruptcy System
NIBSNida Institute for Biblical Scholarship (New York, NY)
NIBSNavigational Integrated Bridge System
NIBSNorth India Beekeepers Society
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As the pirates advanced, the quick eye of Starkey sighted Nibs disappearing through the wood, and at once his pistol flashed out.
Once more the boys emerged into the open; but the dangers of the night were not yet over, for presently Nibs rushed breathless into their midst, pursued by a pack of wolves.
"Save me, save me!" cried Nibs, falling on the ground.
Now Nibs rose from the ground, and the others thought that his staring eyes still saw the wolves.
"I don't know," Nibs said, awestruck, "but it looks so weary, and as it flies it moans, `Poor Wendy,'"
A young and rather scared looking nurse appeared with a bottle which she proffered to Nibs, who waved her towards Cynthia with the somewhat enigmatical remark:
As part of an inspiring showcase of the finest European craftsmanship hosted by the Michelangelo Foundation For Creativity and Craftsmanship, Montblanc presents the rare art of gold nib craftsmanship.
The nibs were introduced several years ago and designed to slow traffic following complaints that cars using the road were prone to speeding.
Such collaboration is key, considering each pen takes more than 100 assiduous steps to create, and the pen's tip, called a nib, requires around 35.
It warns of depression in agriculture "consequent upon a diminution in the amount of grain consumed", and a fall in demand for penknives causing possible failure of the supply of iron ware, concluding with a prayer that the manufacture of the nibs be prohibited.
In 1828 Josiah Mason created a cheap, efficient, slip-in nib that could be added to a fountain pen, and by the 1850s, Birmingham was the world centre for steel pen and steel nib manufacture - at this time it's said that over half the steel-nib pens manufactured in the world are said to have been made in Birmingham.
Sundance through its proprietary process has been able to purchase, service and plans to hold to ultimate maturity, NIBs that have financing for 100% of ongoing premium payments and risk mitigating reinsurance, which reduces the overall risk profile typically associated with maintaining insurance based portfolios.