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Algunos autores argumentan que el Nican Mopohua presenta evidencias de haber sido escrito efectivamente por un indigena del Valle de Mexico, ya que ademas de la obviedad de estar escrito en nahuatl, <<presenta atributos que lo acercan a las formas de expresion muy frecuentes en los relatos debidos a autores indigenas>> (LEON PORTILLA, 2001, 2001, p.
La Virgen De Guadalupe, Dios Inantzin, adapt: Evelina Fernandez from Nican Mipohua.
(19) The Nahuatl version of the apparition of Our Lady of Guadalupe was recorded in the Nican Mopohua (available at; a historical-critical analysis of the apparitions is given by Stafford Poole, Our Lady of Guadalupe: The Origins and Sources of a Mexican National Symbol, 1531-1797 (Tucson, AZ: University of Arizona Press, 1995).
Guadalupan devotees acclaim the Nahuatl-language Nican mopohua (a title derived from the document's first words, "here is recounted") as the foundational text of the Guadalupe tradition.