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NICENational Institute for Health and Care Excellence (UK)
NICENigerian Institution of Civil Engineers (Nigerian Society of Engineers)
NICENetwork Information and Command Exchange
NICENo Internal Combustion Engine
NICENo Internal Combustion Engine (electric vehicle)
NICENew Immigrant Community Empowerment
NICENational Institute for Consumer Education
NICENetwork Information and Control Exchange
NICENonprofit International Consortium for Eiffel
NICENational Information & Credit Evaluation Inc.
NICENever-Ending International Workcamps Exchange
NICENetwork Interface for Cultural Exchange
NICENavy Interface for Command Email
NICENoorul Islam College of Engineering
NICENational Institute on Cooperative Education
NICENational Institute for Christian Education
NICENational Initiative on Care for Elderly (India)
NICENomenclature of the Industries in the European Communities
NICENosocomial Infection Control in Europe
NICENarrative, Immersive, Collaborative Environment (teleimmersion education application)
NICENorthern Illinois Computer Exchange
NICENetwork of Information Technology Consultants in Europe
NICENew and Improved Clock and Ephemeris (GPS)
NICENeptune Intelligent Computer Equipment (Ra’anana, Israel)
NICENetwork Interface Customer Electronics
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Don't you think it would be nice to wake up at sunrise and swoop down over the water and away out over that lovely blue all day; and then at night to fly back to one's nest?
This is not such a nice place for a girl as for a young man, and the Desmonds thought it EXCEEDINGLY ODD that mamma should wish me to come here.
The other day he took hold of my frock (that green one you thought so nice at Homburg) and told me that it reminded him of the texture of the Devonshire turf.
"I don't know -- there are SOME nice things about it," answered Diana, again caressing her ring with that little smile which always had the effect of making Anne feel suddenly left out and inexperienced.
In no time you'll be a staid, middle-aged matron, and I shall be nice, old maid Aunt Anne, coming to visit you on vacations.
"I consider that you are bound to class him as nice, Miss Alan, after that business of the violets."
We had quite a nice time, although I understood why Dan objected to them when they patted us all on the head and told us whom we resembled and gave us peppermint lozenges.
They kept Emmeline's room trim and nice, and all the things fixed in it just the way she liked to have them when she was alive, and nobody ever slept there.
I I like your nice manners and refined ways of speaking, when you don't try to be elegant.
Hewet," she added, "I know it would cheer him up--lying there in bed all day-- and the flies--But I must go and find Angelo--the food here-- of course, with an invalid, one wants things particularly nice." And she hurried past them in search of the head waiter.
Get some nice book and read quietly; cheer him up about school, and offer to help him study by and by; you can do that better than I, because I'm only a girl, and don't learn Greek and Latin and all sorts of headachy stuff."
You don't know what a nice--what a beautiful, nice gift I've got for you."