NICE SPACENew Integrated Case Environments for Space
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But SM Aura is so very convenient, and it's a nice space with lots of natural light and cherry-stained wood on the fifth floor.
"We have a nice space, but this is a longer term project.
"It's a nice space and it cuts our overheads down as we can be at home but still at work.
The welcome was warm and we were told we could sit anywhere we liked, which, although sounded good, left us a bit at a loss, but we finally found a nice space and settled in to look around.
They reject the house if they do not get one with a nice space for prayers.
They also love pizzas and what best being taught how to make healthy ones by the experts in such a nice space of a restaurant right from the experts.
Staff assigned to a call center, for example, deserve a nice space and area.
Think about it, when you are falling asleep, you want to be in a really nice space where you feel secure, safe and comfortable." This is the essential paradox of spa music When it's really good, it's a soothing form of white noise.