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Niceta said she burst into tears when she saw her grandmother-in-law and mentor's pharaonic stockpile of precious watches, broaches, bracelets, purses and rings.
2: "Praeterea, in itinerario Clementis dicitur, narrante Niceta ad Petrum, quod Simon magus per magicas artes pueri a se interfecti animam retinebat, per quam magicas operationes efficiebat."
De asemenea, Niceta de Remasiana apropia modul de adorare a zeului prin sanctuare solare de cultul crestin, pentru ai familiariza pe autohtoni cu crestinismul (3).
In acest cadru se inscrie activitatea sfintilor Ioan Cassian, Dionisie cel Mic, Vasile cel Mare, Ulfila, in Moesia II sau Scythia si Niceta din Remesiana in Dacia Mediterranea.
Scoala literara de la Tomis, Scoala de la Dunarea de Jos prin scrieri religioase fie in latina, fie in greaca, traduceri, sunt ca o cununa a intregii culturi dacice inaltata prin Te Deum Laudamus de episcopul dac Niceta de Remesiana.
And dedication to the practice endures to the present day, not only in the same church, but throughout virtually every province of the west.'(49) His use of the term antiphona aside, the central point of Paulinus' passage confirms the impression created by Augustine, Niceta and Ambrose.
The precise degrees of monastic and congregational involvement (not to speak of clerical participation) no doubt varied from one church to the next; the monastic and lay psalmody of Egeria's Jerusalem, for example, might have been less well integrated than that of Basil's Caesarea, while there is no evidence at all of monastic involvement in Niceta's Remesiana.
This enthusiasm is expressed in numerous passages from the patristic literature, some of which have been quoted above, but its most striking manifestation is in the extended encomiums of psalmody penned by no fewer than five of the outstanding ecclesiastical figures of the time: Athanasius, Basil, John Chrysostom, Ambrose and Niceta. These remarkable documents share a number of intriguing commonplaces, but the point that is of particular interest here is that they reflect a genuine aesthetic response to the musical attractiveness of psalmody.
Niceta, for example, catalogues what the psalms contribute to 'the benefit, edification and consolation of the human species of whatever class, sex, or age.
Niceta Lloyd, 46, worked with both Democrats and Republicans on the Joint Congressional Committee on Inaugural Ceremonies, and during her time as an account executive at ( Design Cuisine aided the State Department's Office of Protocol execute state luncheons, summits and conferences under former Secretaries Madeleine Albright, Colin Powell, Condoleezza Rice, Hillary Clinton and John Kerry, the White House said.
( Niceta Lloyd is the daughter of Dr.