NICNNeuro-Intensive Care Nursery (Univeristy of California, San Francisco)
NICNNeonatal Intensive Care Nursery (various organizations)
NICNNavy Item Control Number
NICNNebraska Infection Control Network
NICNNational Identification Control Number
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Via message coordinated between Commander Fleet Forces Command (CFFC) N7/N9 and Commander Naval Sea Systems Command (NAVSEASYSCOM) N4 the LBT 1620 G/R floatation tactical vest IAW message COMFLTFORCOM 251951Z FEB 03 (NOTAL) requests NAVSEA direct Naval Sea Logistics Center (NAVSEALOGCEN) to remove the tactical vest load (NICN 1HS 0000-ll-CQA-6963 and NSNS 1HS 1005-01-474-5157 and 1HS 100501-4745159) on the physical security AEL 2-320024503, columns six (6) and seven (7) for all submarines.
The following databases are included in HAYSTACK: FLIS, CAGE, AMDF, SB700-20, CRF, MIAPL, LIRSH, MRIL, P2300/10/30, D043/D043X, AEL, APL, P2002, NICN, and more.
Kado added that in line with Order 61, Rule 7 of the NICN proceeding of 2017, that the parties had joined issues.
'We are going to deploy all the provisions of the labour laws to ensure we assert our rights and also demand that the court judgement particularly the NICN judgment must be respected.
Ademu, who said the unions were yet to receive any court injunction, berated the NGO that claimed to have gone to secure an injunction from the National Industrial Court of Nigeria (NICN), Abuja to destabilise the unions from fighting for their right.