NICNETNational Informatics Centre Network (India)
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VSNL gateways provide Internet access to ERNET and NICNET. Table 2 shows the VSNL account mix as of May 1998.
The possession of DELNET occupies the first position, INFLIBNET the second, ERNET the third, INDONET the fourth, and NICNET the last.
There are a number of other national networks and library networks, including NICNET (National Informatic Center 's network), INDONET, CALIBNET (Calcutta Library Network), DELNET (Developing Library Network), etc.
Some of the examples of such Wide Area Network (WAN) networking are INDONET (INET), National Information Centre Network (NICNET), Information and Library Network (INFLIBNET) and Developing Library Network (DELNET).
Print catalogues were converted to machine-readable form by NICNET, which has undertaken the digitisation project.
Libraries can also work with the National Information Centre Network (NICNET) of India to disseminate knowledge that can link to the wider farmer community.
Besides INFLIBNET, a number of other national networks and various library networks have also been developed including NICNET (National Informatic Center's network), INDONET , ERNET (Education and Research Network), CALIBNET (Calcutta Library Network), DELNET(Developing Library Network), etc.