NICOCNational Intelligence Coordinating Committee (Republic of South Africa)
NICOCNational Iranian Central Oilfields Company (Tehran, Iran)
NICOCNursing Information Consortium of Orange County (California)
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Besides them, we highlight the NICOC and the FIC.The importance of the SSA cannot be underestimated in the current configuration (post-2009) of the South African intelligence system.
Institutions like South Africa's NICOC, India's JIC, and Brazil's SISBIN Council have no equivalents in Russia or China.
(64) Regarding his pledge to enhance NICOC's analytical skills, national intelligence estimates and the National Early Warning Centre, Kasrils reported that concerted efforts had been made to foster relationships with civil society experts, that an association had been formed bringing together analysts from across the services to share best practice, and that specialists had been headhunted.
Pars Petro Zagros Engineering & Services (PPZ) in early April 2009 won a two-year contract to manage the drilling and operations of 10 rigs for NICOC.
South Gashu gas field, near Bandar Abbas said to have more than 5 TCF, is to be developed fully by NICOC to produce 800-1,000 MCF/d.
NICOC coordinates and enhances the information and analytical products supplied by our domestic and foreign intelligence services, including the identification of possible threats.
The National Intelligence Co-ordinating Committee (NICOC) established nine interdepartmental project teams incorporating representatives from a range of government departments, to create a channel for the deposition of information across government.
40 of 1996); for co-ordination in the form of NICOC that is to report to Cabinet and Parliament; and for parliamentary budgetary control.
or the alternates of the persons mentioned in paragraphs (b) to (f), and such members of departments of State who are coopted by Nicoc on a permanent or an ad hoc basis.
In terms of the National Strategic Intelligence Bill, an interdepartmental intelligence coordinating mechanism, the National Intelligence Coordinating Committee (NICOC) will coordinate the activities of the intelligence community and will act as the key link between the intelligence community and policy-makers.
In addition, there were statutory structures established, such as the National Intelligence Co-ordinating Committee (NICOC) and the National Conventional Arms Control Committee (NCACC).
The National Intelligence Coordinating Committee (NICOC) was established in terms of the National Strategic Intelligence Act, 1994 (Act 39 of 1994) to co-ordinate intelligence.