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NICOLENetwork for Industrially Contaminated Land in Europe (EU)
NICOLENearly Intelligent Computer Operated Language Examiner (chatterbot)
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"I discovered the artist in me on the dance floor," says Nicole. "I grew up in Nigeria listening to the tribal rhythms of artists like Fela Kuti - this was my first taste of the power of the drum."
Nicole will only be appearing in three episodes in "My Fate," which was written by Amro Mahmoud Yacine and is being directed by Ali Idris.
Beauty therapist Nicole said she "just clicked" with bachelor Dean, 42, as they chatted over the internet every day.
Nicole was kept safely in a house by a Dominican family while it was arranged for her to fly home.
Then, after Abi Alton's rendition of I Will Survive, Nicole yelled: "You grabbed this week by the disco balls."
Currently, Nicole is busy answering the phone, meeting with people who visit the office, managing faxes and making sure Gerson clinic applications are complete and ready for review.
It's thought that Nicole, a Romanian national, may be staying with her boyfriend in Coventry and police are appealing for anyone who spots her to get in touch.
Though Nicole's mother recovered quickly--marrying a family friend who became a loving stepfather-her father Glenn spiraled into depression, anger, and alcoholism.
It was the look Nicole seemed to want but could never have.
LEECHEE has been appointed by Nicole Winhoffer to develop her official website and revamp her blog.
Nicole, from Birmingham, underwent a hysterectomy just a month after her diagnosis and received the all-clear last summer following her operation.
Nicole Corry is an RN at Armidale, currently working in patient transport.