NICQNursing in Context Questionnaire
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Nicq (2007), "Performance Indicators for Spending Efficiency in Primary and Secondary Education", OECD Economics Department Working Paper, No.
A study done by Joumard, Andre, Nicq, & Chatal (2008) sheds light on the contribution of healthcare and other determinants of health with respect to whether investments are producing similar value for money across Organization for Economic Cooperation and Development countries (OECD).
Many authors have used non-parametric methods with small samples, such as Afonso and Aubyn (2004, 2005) for 25 OECD countries, Sutherland, Price, Joumard and Nicq (2007) for 27 OECD countries, Gupta and Verhoeven (2001) for 37 African countries, Sharma and Thomas (2008) for 22 countries, and Machado (2006) in 19 Central America and the Caribbean countries, between others.