NICTNational Information and Communication Technology (various countries)
NICTNew Information and Communication Technology
NICTNational Institute for Compilation and Translation (Taiwan Ministry of Education; est. 1932)
NICTNetwork for Information and Computer Technology (est. 1995; India)
NICTNational Incident Coordination Team (EPA)
NICTNaha International Container Terminal (Okinawa, Japan)
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That same year, it also worked with the University of Tokyo Hospital and NICT to conduct a field trial of multilingual speech translation in the medical field using stationary-type tablets.
After the above ERATO project, two main theoretical problems remained, and their resolutions had been strongly required by the NICT project because they are linked to the security evaluation of these installed QKD systems.
In the future, the researchers at NICT hope to optimise the full-colour display system by upgrading the hologram printer.
Therefore, it is important for this survey to observe if the spiritual leaders are used to do so using the NICT.
We interpret such results to be in line with Bernardini (2004) in that learners become motivated when using NICTs in the classroom.
At the NICT plenary, Romero introduced his company's eGov, the use of "ICT and other web-based telecommunication technologies to improve and enhance the efficiency and effectiveness of service in the public sector.
He is head of the Multilingual Translation Laboratory at NICT Research Laboratories, Kyoto, Japan.
NICT ordered the company to investigate matters relating to contracts with NICT on 27 January 2012, the same day that the company issued the announcement "Mitsubishi Electric Comments on Overcharged Expenses to Japan's Ministry of Defense, Cabinet Satellite Intelligence Center and Japan Aerospace Exploration Agency.
The action-training and consultancy measures applied in the LDAs in the frame of Q3 aimed, above all, at the increase of sustainability by introducing improvements in the following areas: strategic planning and management; organizational models, with the definition of roles, responsibilities and hierarchical dependencies; organizational planning, improving the performance, efficiency, operation and internal communication; employee performance, through the development of technical skills (project management, NICT, foreign languages), better time management and teamwork; leadership and management of internal conflicts.
Smartphone application for multilingual chat developed by NICT
Other participants at the joint meeting will include representatives from international companies such as Intel, MediaTek, Panasonic, NICT, CSR and HTC.
Kurita's NICT team has already developed a system for real-time color holography of three-dimensional moving objects.