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NIDINational Internet Diagnostics Infrastructure
NIDINederlands Interdisciplinair Demografisch Instituut (Dutch: Netherlands Interdisciplinary Demographic Institute; Royal Netherlands Academy of Arts and Sciences)
NIDINickel Development Institute
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After doing research on the various types of complaints made by people and the complaints posted by them on various complaints website, Nidi Infotech released a summary of the top complaints categories.
One example is Italo Calvino who in 1947, at the age of 24, made his literary debut with the novel Il sentiero dei nidi di ragno, the story of a communist partisan unit which, during the civil war, fought against German and fascist divisions in Liguria.
I also have read most of their solo novels nidi maybe one exception.
This is similar to tio ba nidi obirin ki ije kumolu--Woman cannot be named Kumolu for any reason.
The first national survey on natural nidi of Angiostrongylus cantonensis in China [in Chinese].
(23) Affected areas might, however, function as nidi for the subsequent development of lesions in the vessel wall.
(4) Multifocal (or multinodular) osteoblastoma defines a subset of tumors with multiple nidi or growth centers within a single tumor, separated by reactive bone or spindle cell stroma (Figure 17).
(2002), Early Retirement Systems and Behaviour in an International Perspective, Netherlands Interdisciplinary Demographic Institute (NIDI), The Hague, unpublished paper provided by authors.
The main nidi of rashes localization are marked in Table 1.
The State Veterinary Department conducted risk analysis and held talks with officials from the involved agencies regarding this ban.During the last 100 years, Kyrgyzstan has had 1,219 anthrax nidi, 528 anthrax nidi are controlled and treated.