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NIDSNetwork Intrusion Detection Systems
NIDSNational Immunization Days (WHO)
NIDSNational Institute for Discovery Science
NIDSNational Institute for Defense Studies (Japan)
NIDSNeuro Immune Dysfunction Syndromes
NIDSNATO Integrated Data Service
NIDSNational Institute of Decontamination Specialists (Piedmont, SC)
NIDSNational Integrated Development Strategy
NIDSNEXRAD Information Dissemination System
NIDSNMCS Information & Display System (US DoD)
NIDSNetwork Inventory & Design System
NIDSNavigation Information Display System
NIDSNational Military Command Center (NMCC) information display system (US DoD)
NIDSNational Intelligence Display System
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The NIDS is required to identify 100 percent of the exploits launched against the test network.
This ICSA Labs Enterprise-Level NIDS certification provides valuable third party validation that Sourcefire delivers the industry's leading intrusion detection technology combined with the resources to ensure protection from even the most recent threats.
Sourcefire is to be congratulated for being among the first of the vendors to pass the industries most rigorous NIDS test to date," said Scott Markle, IDS technology program manager, at ICSA Labs.
The certification of NIDS in the Enterprise gigabit phase will be awarded later this year.
ICSA Labs formed the Intrusion Detection Systems Consortium in 1998, generating an undisputed central authority on product standards and testing for NIDS.
6, whose certification was sponsored by Sourcefire, and INZEN's Secuplat are the first products to receive ICSA Labs T1 NIDS Certification.
As a result, NIDS will now become a product group of Premier Solutions.