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NIDSNetwork Intrusion Detection Systems
NIDSNational Immunization Days (WHO)
NIDSNational Institute for Discovery Science
NIDSNational Institute for Defense Studies (Japan)
NIDSNeuro Immune Dysfunction Syndromes
NIDSNATO Integrated Data Service
NIDSNational Institute of Decontamination Specialists (Piedmont, SC)
NIDSNational Integrated Development Strategy
NIDSNEXRAD Information Dissemination System
NIDSNMCS Information & Display System (US DoD)
NIDSNetwork Inventory & Design System
NIDSNavigation Information Display System
NIDSNational Military Command Center (NMCC) information display system (US DoD)
NIDSNational Intelligence Display System
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Diagnosis for NIDS is simple: an immune panel run through blood testing and a NeuroSPECT scan which measures blood flow to the brain.
The continued exploration of this NIDS theory and the potential etiologies linked to it, is a door we must walk through to supplement the current behavioral and genetic research on autism if we expect to change the future of this generation of children," concludes David Gregory, Executive Director of the NIDS Research Institute.
ICSA Labs, working with product vendors and corporate users, has developed a methodology that measures the ability of NIDS to correctly identify exploits in the environments in which they are typically deployed," said Scott Markle, ICSA Labs IDS program manager.
The ICSA Labs Enterprise-Level NIDS certification provides credible third party validation that Sourcefire delivers the industry's leading intrusion detection technology combined with the resources to ensure protection from even the most recent threats," said Martin Roesch, CTO at Sourcefire.
The program from ICSA Labs(R), an independent division of TruSecure(R) Corporation, is the industry's first and only certification testing for NIDS.
The ICSA Labs NIDS Certification program is an independent and comprehensive process that rigorously tests, assesses, and validates the security of NIDS in four different network environments.
SkyView software runs on Windows PCs and collects and displays NIDS, radar mosaics and satellite imagery.