NIDUNon-Injecting Drug Users
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Certain seeds which are required to find a nidus for themselves under unfavorable circumstances have been supplied by nature with an apparatus of hooks, so that they will get a hold on very unreceptive surfaces.
If this be hypocrisy, it is a process which shows itself occasionally in us all, to whatever confession we belong, and whether we believe in the future perfection of our race or in the nearest date fixed for the end of the world; whether we regard the earth as a putrefying nidus for a saved remnant, including ourselves, or have a passionate belief in the solidarity of mankind.
A cross-sectional study was conducted with 323 NIDU hospitalized in two chemical dependency treatment clinics located in the southwest of Goias, central west region of Brazil.
Differences between IDU and NIDU groups were examined using chi-square tests for categorical variables and t-tests or Wilcoxon rank-sum tests for continuous variables, depending upon whether the data were normally distributed.
deep venous drainage, presence of aneurysm in the nidus or in the arterial feeder, and deep localization of AVM (25,34).
The goal of AVM embolization is to obliterate the nidus while simultaneously minimizing non-target embolization.
Segmentation of Arteriovenous Malformations Nidus and Vessel in Digital Subtraction Angiography Images Based on an Iterative Thresholding Method", 8th International Conference on BioMedical Engineering and Informatics.
In the long run, these may lead to fresh wounds which may act as a nidus for infection.
Unremoved debris can function as small foreign bodies which act as nidus for reinfection.
52-56) Microscopically, RSs are composed of a central elastotic and fibrotic nidus with entrapped and distorted glands that radiate out in a stellate configuration (Figure 7, A through C).
Abstract: Standard permanent electronic hardware implants act as a nidus for infection; bacteria form biofilms along percutaneous wires, or seed haematogenously, with the potential to migrate within the body and provoke immune-mediated pathological tissue reactions.