NIECNihon Inter Electronics Corporation (Japan)
NIECNorthern Ireland Economic Council (now Economic Research Institute of Northern Ireland; est. 1977; Belfast, Northern Ireland, UK)
NIECNational Institute of Economics (Moscow, Russia)
NIECNorthern Ireland Events Company (UK)
NIECNorthern India Engineering College (Lucknow, India)
NIECNextgen Integration and Evaluation Capability (US FAA)
NIECNebraska Iowa Electrical Council
NIECNAVFAC Industrial Engineering Center
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Niec also has two drunk driving incidents on his record.
If employers are unwilling to provide employment, or are offering terms inferior to those offered under the NIEC, individuals can simply take the public-sector job.
% Pecglioro et al 1993 (132) -- 6 -- -- -- 26 Buroughs et al 1986 (78) -- 10 -- -- -- 36 Vitzel et al 1986 (131) 22 36 15 54 19 85 Kock et al 1987 (130) 22 36 -- -- 11 22 NIEC 1988 (95) 160 18 112 29 49 49 Benedeto-Stojanov et al (129) -- -- 5 50 17 65.38 CORRELATION OF PLATELET COUNT AND SPLEEN DIAMETER RATIO WITH ESOPHAGEAL VARICES NEW 1.0909 SMALL 0.9359 LARGE 0.5186 Table made from bar graph.
The documented benefits of play are many, but further research is needed on specifically when and how pretend play is effective, for which child populations, and what types of play techniques are most helpful for enhancing play skills and subsequent creative abilities (Russ& Niec, 2011).
has named Iwona Niec Villaire as vice president and general counsel of the automotive supplier of precision casting and machining solutions.
Poland has a clear domination of people working in micro and small companies - more than half of the employed (4,6 million people) in micro and small companies (tapinski, Niec, Rzeznik & Wectawska, 2015).
The NIEC was set up in 1997 and brought Elton John and Luciano Pavarotti to Stormont.
In a randomized pilot study the results demonstrated the positive effect of group mentoring on cognitive and behavioral outcomes of elementary-school students (Jent & Niec, 2009).
La identificacion parasitaria se realizo comparando los caracteres diagnosticos de los especimenes obtenidos de cada estadio evolutivo (huevos, larvas y ooquistes) con las descripciones y redescripciones de cada especie (Thomas, 1957; Guerrero, 1967; Niec, 1968; Guerrero et al., 1971; Leguia y Casas, 1998, 1999; Foreyt, 2001; Van Wyk y Mayhew, 2013).
[8.] Pietrantonio AM, Wright E, Gibson KN, Alldred T, Jacobson D, Niec A.
Las larvas de tercer estadio obtenidas en la malla de 400[micron], se contaron (Niec, 1972) e identificaron, empleando la clave taxonomica descrita por Niec (1968).