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NIEFNetwork Integration Engineering Facility
NIEFNebraska Internet Enhancement Fund
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Many incoming freshmen also aren't familiar with the term RSVP, in part because of the generation's adoption of informality, Nief said: "When you say, 'make sure there's an RSVP on that,' there's that blank stare."
The latest version of the fall list compiled by Beloit humanities professor Tom McBride and public affairs director Ron Nief also reveals that today's 18-year-olds grew up with big-box stores, minivans, dolphin-free tuna, pro athletes in the Olympics, reality TV and live coverage of wars.
9, 2005), "Bridged Biphospholes and Metallocenes Prepared Therefrom," Francois-Xavier Buzin, Francois Nief, Francois Mathey, Jean Malinge, and Eliane Deschamps (Palaiseau, FR); and Bernard Deschamps (Atofina, Puteaux, France).
Says Ron Nief, Beloit's director of Public Affairs, "It's been difficult to get across to the public that we have more than textbooks.
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"Watergate used to be a common reference," said Ron Nief, the school's director of public affairs, who assembles the list.