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NIEHSNational Institute of Environmental Health Sciences (NIH, DHHS)
NIEHSNorthern Ireland Environment and Heritage Service (UK)
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NIEHS immediately set about putting the 2012-2017 plan into action by creating teams to devise ways to implement the goals and integrate their priorities across the Institute's divisions and programs.
NIEHS said the study discovered that the more exposed a subject was to air pollution, the thicker the inner layers of their carotid artery were, with the most-exposed participants experiencing approximately eight percent more artery thickening than the least-exposed participants.
The NIEHS delivered a report to Congress, and it is their responsibility to react.
It is my honor and privilege to serve as the NIEHS director during this significant milestone in the institute's history, and I see it as an opportunity to highlight the improvements to public health that have resulted from environmental science research.
We as scientists do not trust NIEHS to conduct this study of cell phone safety based on its record," says Adey.
We are privileged to further our relationship with NIEHS and our partners as the Institute grows and evolves its clinical research program," said Constella Group Chairman and CEO Donald A.
The NIEHS has come a long way in making environmental health research responsive to the needs and concerns of the American people--to make environmental health part of the public health debate.
As our oldest client, NIEHS has provided a foundation for us to grow our environmental health expertise and to work toward our vision of enhancing human health around the world, every day.
The NIEHS is currently co-funding 17 grants with the Fogarty International Center under the FIRCA program.
The NIEHS National Center for Toxicogenomics is very pleased that Agilent has released the probe sequences for its gene expression microarrays to the public domain," said Michael Waters, Ph.
NIEHS grantees and applicants have raised concerns over a restructuring at the CSR that brought about changes including the elimination of two study sections dealing mainly with toxicology.
Company officials said they expect the Cray XD1 system's high-performance capabilities to accelerate scientific testing at NIEHS.